Stork Cargo Bike

Michał and Mery as artists, as well as welders with qualifications worked  for almost 10 years under the name “Artoboros”. Over the years, Michał has built around 80 custom cargo bikes for individual orders. Due to the large variety of projects, he has developed a unique “know-how” of light and durable bikes, with a geometry that guarantees great driving pleasure.

Mery’s attributes as a graduate in fine arts are: understanding of composition and color, precision and conscientiousness of operation. She is also our quality control department as she holds certificates for three welding methods and VT1 welding research certificate.

On the other hand, Wojtek, along with his kids, was using the most popular, serial cargo bikes for a few years. After intensive use and reaching the opinion of other users, he observed and wrote down features that did not suit him. A list of improvements was created, only a part of which he was able to compensate for the replacement of other parts or accessories. In the middle of 2018, we’ve already decided to eliminate all the inconveniences creating a completely new construction. This is how the prototype No. 1 was created.

The combination of three different personalities, where everyone has their contribution, combining different elements on a common plane – this is Stork Cargo Bike.

Stork Cargo Bike
Stork Cargo Bike
We would like to encourage as many people as possible to switch to cargo bikes for both environmental reasons and simply because it is the fastest means of transport in large agglomerations. Cities with bicycles are happier, and a two-wheeled cargo journey is  great fun, especially with kids on board We would like to share this unique experience, offering super bikes, at a very competitive price. Drawing from our own experience and observations of other constructions, we have created our native product – Stork Cargo Bike.

Our story: Why Stork?
– Fairy tale Storks deal with transporting kids and hold them in the front. 😉
– Storks overcomes long routes.
– Storks move quickly, but safely.
– Storks like to stand on one leg (our bike is a single-track vehicle).
– Storks are black and white (beauty and elegance in a classic style).
– Storks are associated with Poland and are one of its symbols. Our country is home to the biggest population of storks in the world.

Stork Cargo Bike

STORK arose from the desire to improve the construction of a certain Dutch brand of Cargo bike. The main features that stand out when comparing our “Storks” to the “Dutch” brand are:


  1. Low weight (Stork is much lighter)
  2. Larger cargo space (with the same external dimensions)
  3. Better lighting and the amount of reflective elements
  4. Bigger box gives possibility of transporting 3 children more comfortably (including a carrier such as MaxiCosi installed through a dedicated, shock-absorbed adapter)
  5. Better driving comfort thanks to the specific frame geometry and a record low center of gravity
  6. The ability to quickly put the bike into two parts and transport inside a car 
  7. Lack of susceptibility to side wind due to the lower frame and other tent design
  8. Silence! The bike is completely silent. No creaks, no trembles.
  9. More effective disc brakes
  10. Better quality accessories
  11. A more comfortable seat and a more ergonomic position for the driver
  12. A dedicated sofa that allows safe sleep in a comfortable position for children aged 1 and more.
  13. In the electric version: more than twice the range, quieter and more powerful motor with a special winding for cargo bikes
  14. Tent with a bigger roof that guarantees shade in the summer and thermal comfort in the winter


We invite you to our headquarters in Poznań and a workshop in Brzeg for test drives. 

You can also meet Storks users in Amsterdam, Berlin, Gdynia, Olsztyn, Warsaw and Wrocław.

Write to us! We will contact you with their users in these cities.